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Maestría en Ciencias en Patología del Habla-Lenguaje

Graduate Profile

MSLP Program graduates will be able to work with governmental agencies that offer related services to children and youth with special needs (Puerto Rico Department of Education and Puerto Rico Department of Health) and also public and private organizations that provide rehabilitation services to adults and the elderly (Department of Vocational Rehabilitation and private hospices). Graduates will also be prepared to work with diverse populations like bilingual children and children with different social/emotional needs coming from rural areas.

Based on the 2014 ASHA Standards and Implementation Procedures for the Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology (Revised March 2009-Standards III-A through III-H), candidates must complete a program of study (a minimum of 64 semester credit hours overall, including at least 36 at the graduate level) that includes academic course work sufficient in depth and breadth to achieve the specified knowledge outcomes.