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School of Veterinary Medicine

Practice Centers

School of Veterinary Medicine

The program's practice centers are identified by the Clinical Coordinator of the Program or by the Clinical Practice Coordinators of the University Centers, ensuring that each meets the criteria established by the Veterinary Technology Department. Each center must have Doctors in Veterinary Medicine and/or Veterinary Technologists licensed by the Board of Examiners of Veterinary Doctors and/or the Sub-Board of Veterinary Technicians and Technologists of Puerto Rico. Doctors in Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Technologists who have been identified as supervisors meet the criteria established by the department for the selection of clinical practice supervisor. These criteria are:

1. Have a minimum degree of Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Technology or a doctorate in Veterinary Medicine.
2. Have permanent and current professional license granted by the corresponding agencies.
3. Have practiced the profession of veterinary technologist or doctor in veterinary medicine for a minimum of two years.
4. Evidence of professional conduct in accordance with the ethical standards of the profession.
5. It is desirable that they have experience supervising students in clinical practice.
6. Availability to participate once during each academic year of a general meeting between the Clinical Practice Coordinator and the program supervisors.

The centers of practice include experiences in veterinary clinics, shelters, sanctuaries, university institutions, stables, agricultural production farms, racetracks and zoos, among others.