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School of Health Sciences

Mission, Vision, and Goals

Master Degree of Sciences in Nursing with Specialty in Family Nurse Practitioner (MSN FNP)


The Advanced Practice in Nursing Master Program develops nurses highly prepared with  expert practice. Our graduates possess ample knowledge that expands their professional role to  higher practice and leadership roles; capable of delivering excellent primary care in a global health care system.



The Advanced Practice in Nursing Master Program aspires to be the best program in the preparation of family nurse practitioners recognized for their knowledge and excellence in primary care, contributing to the best health in a global system with an innovative perspective.



  1. Prepare advanced practice nurses for successful employment and doctoral studies.
  2. Foster a high degree of professionalism as a key member of the interdisciplinary team, advocating for health promotion and disease prevention in a variety of settings.
  3. Produce graduates with the ability to apply evidence-based interventions in the workplace and willing to continuously develop advanced practice nursing skills throughout their nurse practitioner career.  
  4. Prepare nurses at the graduate level with advanced knowledge to assume clinical leadership, monitor and provide quality assurance in health care.
  5. Develop highly trained nurse leaders prepared to provide population-appropriate health care to individuals, clinical groups/units and communities.
  6. Foster a high degree of professionalism as an advanced practice nurse through advocacy for the profession, interdisciplinary health care team and the client.
  7. Integrate information systems and technology at the point of care to improve health care outcomes.
  8. Apply evidence-based practice at the clinical setting.