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Health Sciences

Qualification for Faculty

Doctoral Degree in Naturopathic Medicine


Following is a list of the qualifications generally required for faculty in the basic and clinical sciences and for clinic practice faculty:

  1. A degree of ND, MD or PhD depending on the course to teach from a fully recognized and accredited university.
  2. To teach Laboratory diagnosis courses faculty need to have a preparation in medical technology or equivalent degree, preferably in accredited programs undergraduate or graduate at higher education institutions (e.g. SUAGM).
  3. At least two years of experience in the basic science, clinical sciences, or clinical practice area depending on the course.
  4. Clinical faculty is required to hold a current CPR certification and show evidence of completing OSHA and HIPPA training.
  5. Clinical faculty need to hold the ND, DC, or MD license to practice in Puerto Rico. (Note: US mainland naturopathic physicians who desire to certify themselves as clinical faculty, must have applied and approved ND license from the Naturopathic Licensing Board of Puerto Rico, before starting the process of faculty certification for the program).
  6. Experience in academic platforms (e.g. Banner, Blackboard).
  7. Two years or more in assessment of coursework.