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Learning and Physical Resources

Doctoral Degree in Naturopathic Medicine


The UAGM  NMDP started operating in the new School of Health Sciences building on December 10, 2015:

Although the institution has current  appropriate facilities to offer the NMDP given its actual student enrollment, UAGM  has identified physical space as the primary area in need for improvement. The construction of a new building has been anticipated for  years and had already begun. The new SHS building will have 40, 000 square feet of internal space and its being built at the cost of11,150, 000. It will have 211 parking spaces, 10 classrooms, space for all administrative offices, community health clinics, 10 academic laboratories, and 10 clinical services including those that will service the NMDP. A total of1, 604 square feet will be dedicated to the NMDP. The footage will be distributed between three medical offices offering services to the community, a multiuse room that would accommodate case discussion sessions, and an apothecary and hydrotherapy facility. The waiting area for  the medical offices will be a large atrium shared 6y all health service providers. Faculty and staff have been directly involved in the planning and the space distribution process for  the Program.

The new UAGM NMDP has a state of the art medicinary area which is catered to provide for all of the modalities of naturopathic medicine. Patients can now walk-in and receive ND’s mentored treatment from the Program students’. These treatments are prepared under the direct supervision of the ND in charge of the medicinary. A space is reserved for specialized equipment in naturopathic medicine research. The medicinary has dedicated storage room that will house an expanded inventory of cardiovascular supplements (Ginko Biloba, Guggal-Lip, Carditone, Lipotrol, Bacopa, UBQH), Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals (Amino NAC, Vitamin  D3, Ferrochel, Clinical Nutrients, TM Antioxidant, Vitamin E, Women One Daily, Women Over 40 tin, Magnesium w/SRT, Inositol, Liquid Calcium Magnesium Vanilla).

The new UAGM NMDP clinic has a total of 4 separate individual treatment rooms. In addition the clinic has separate area for hydrotherapy and physical medicine. This area houses an infrared sauna and a 60 gallon Stationary Hi-Boy Whirlpool. Each treatment room is equipped with a desk, chair, treatment table, ENT kit, and a biohazard container among other specialized equipment.

The clinic has a separate private conference room for case discussions, ground rounds, and provide unique opportunities for teaching and learning for specialized  courses which include a high tech sound system, projection capabilities, and Wi—Fi among other.

The new building also houses the new and expanded NMDP Garden. The garden will have a full inventory of plants including those grown in the Caribbean that provides for students learning of botanical plants and gives faculty the opportunity for field learning. The Garden is equipped with an irrigation system to facilitate maintenance, light to provide for illumination during the evenings, environmental control for weather conditions, and a security camera to provide for 24/7 security and additional security during institutional breaks.