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School of Health Sciences

MSN Students Learning Outcomes

Master Degree of Sciences in Nursing with Specialty in Family Nurse Practitioner (MSN FNP)

The Learning Outcomes of the MSN Program include:

  1. Integrate a wide range of theories and knowledge from nursing and other disciplines to develop a comprehensive and holistic approach, implement advanced roles, and continue life-long learning.
  2. Demonstrate effective leadership and professionalism how member of the interdisciplinary team at the primary care level to provide high quality health care, initiate change, and improve nursing practice and health care outcomes.
  3. Utilize advanced nursing systematic approach and evidence-based practice by integrating critical clinical judgment to identify, analyze and diagnose real or potential problems with a variety of primary care settings and develop, evaluate and test possible solutions based upon highest level of evidence available, allowing for innovative solutions to the problem.
  4. Apply advantage nursing knowledge and leadership to improve maintaining health promotion and disease prevention in primary care level at individuals, families, groups and communities.