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Health Sciences

  • Bachelor's Degree in Speech-Language Therapy

    Bachelor's Degree in Speech-Language Therapy
  • Master Degree in Nutrition Sciences

    Master's Degree in Nutrition Sciences

The Academic Division of Health Sciences is the place where excellent health professionals are prepared. Our students are prepared to serve with high integrity and professional ethics, patients of all ages and different conditions in the health areas. With academic offers that cover all academic levels and a variety of educational areas, the School is positioned as the first option for studies in health in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. The School offers a balanced and unique combination between the academy, research, and clinical services.




Technical Certificates
Práctical Nursing *
Clinical Therapeutic Massage *

Associate Degrees
Nursing Sciences
Pharmacy Technician *
Respiratory Therapy *
Veterinary Technology        

Bachelor's Degree
Sciences in Nutrition and Dietectics
Nutrition Sciences              
Sciences in Speech-Language Therapy   
Sciences in Nursing                  
Sciences of Food and Nutrition Management
Sciences in Veterinary Technology
Health Services Management *  **



Graduated Certificates
Clinical Trials Coordination and Management



Master's Degree
Nutrition Sciences
Sciences in Speech-Language Pathology
Sciences in Nursing with Specialty in Family Nurse Practitioner
Health Services Management *  **

Doctoral Degrees
Naturopathic Medicine


Admission Requirements Apply for Admission