Mission, Vision and Objectives | Universidad Ana G. Méndez, Recinto de Gurabo

School of Naturopathic Medicine

Mission, Vision and Objectives

Doctoral Degree in Naturopathic Medicine



Develop naturopathic physicians who will provide excellent patient care through the application of the naturopathic medicine principles and philosophy within an evidence-based and evidence-informed, integrative, and humanistic healthcare model.



To become an internationally recognized naturopathic medicine program to impact, as a social tool, the community healthcare model of Puerto Rico


Program Objectives

  1. Provide a comprehensive education in Naturopathic and Oriental Medicine, through knowledge integration and application consistent with a holistic approach to medicine.
  2. Advocate for professional and ethical standards applicable to local and global socio-political affairs regarding naturopathic professional integration in health care.
  3. Utilize a service-model approach, which facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration, stressing the proper application of the scope of practice and its limitations, including appropriate referral criteria for integrated patient management.
  4. Integrate throughout the curriculum the necessary skills to promote research oriented mindset in order to successfully critique existing research, their clinical application and the interest and proficiency in developing areas where research is needed.
  5. Engage in individual student mentoring, prompting the development of excellent diagnostics and safe and effective therapeutic skills rooted in the philosophy and principles of naturopathic medicine.
  6. Emphasize the importance of having a vast understanding of allopathic therapies, and the used of critical thinking regarding safety and therapeutic interactions.
  7. Promote the development of broad and in-depth evidence-based knowledge of health promotion, risk reduction and disease prevention.