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Engineering Technology Institute Programs

Engineering Technology Institute Programs

Prof. Nelson Martínez Ortíz

The Institute of Engineering Technology offers associate degrees in Mechanical Engineering Technology, Electronic Engineering Technology, Computer Technology and Networks, Quality Control Engineering Technology, and Electrical Technology and Renewable Energy.  These programs provide knowledge in data analysis, problem solving, computer applications and communication skills.  Graduates of these programs will have a theoretical and practical understanding about the changing world of technology.  They will have the necessary skills to either enter the workforce in technology related fields or continue their studies towards a bachelor’s degree.

The Institute of Engineering Technology (I.T.I. as its acronym in spanish), will be one of the main entities that will contribute to the educational development of technology, research and the economic aspects of industry and commerce in the eastern central region and throughout Puerto Rico.

The Institute of Engineering Technology (I.T.I.), will develop students with the scientific knowledge and technological skills that are necessary in the creation of a highly competitive professional technician related to engineering. It will promote the values and ethical principles that govern the labor field, as well as use technology as the main axis to maximize human knowledge.




Associate Degrees
Computer Technology and Networks
Electrical Technology and Renewable Energy
Electronic Engineering Technology
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Quality Control Engineering Technology
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology with Energy Management

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