Strategic Vectors 2020 | Universidad Ana G. Méndez, Recinto de Gurabo

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Strategic Vectors 2020


Mission, Vision, Values, and Institutional Goals

The Ana G. Mendez University System (SUAGM) Strategic Mission and Vision 2020 outlines the planning and improvement process in eight strategic vectors as follows: academia, academic and scientific research, student services and development, public engagement, human resources and organizational development, physical and technology infrastructure, fiscal strengthening, and quality and institutional effectiveness. The Strategic Mission and Vision 2020 are designed to guide SUAGM’s four academic institutions and a private PBS-sponsored television station.

The core vectors are the areas of greatest strategic significance, since they correspond to the main features of the university mission. These are academia, academic and scientific research, student services and development, and public engagement. The support vectors are those areas that are vital to strengthen, develop, and provide support to achieve the goals of the core vectors. These include human resources and organizational development, physical and technological infrastructure, and fiscal strengthening. The planning process is supported by feedback provided by the institutional quality and effectiveness vector, as shown by the circle surrounding the main and supporting vectors of institutional performance. The SUAGM Vision and Mission Statement were approved during the year 2012. However, the mission and vision of Universidad Ana G. Méndez, Recinto de Gurabo (UAGM-Gurabo) were revised during 2003 and a new revision process has recently been initiated. During the past ten (10) years, the university has experienced many significant changes, including the diversification and growth of doctoral programs. Consequently, these changes motivate the current revision process of UAGM-Gurabo’s mission and vision.

SUAGM Strategic Mission

SUAGM is a nonprofit higher-education organization whose primary mission is to promote the cultural, social, and economic development of Puerto Rican society and sectors of the Hispanic community outside Puerto Rico, by expanding educational opportunities to benefit the communities it serves.

SUAGM Strategic Vision

By 2020, the SUAGM will be recognized as an institution of excellence in learning, research, and public service, with an emphasis on social responsibility and expanding global projection. SUAGM will stand out for its decisive contribution to the economic and social development of Puerto Rico, providing innovative solutions to the developmental needs of the Island, and will be recognized as the leading institution serving the educational needs of Hispanic communities outside Puerto Rico in the United States and other communities it serves. SUAGM will be characterized as a transformative entity of constant innovation and sound financial strength, focused on the human being, and making effective use of its technological, physical, and managerial resources in support of its mission. The SUAGM strategic mission and vision along with UAGM-Gurabo vision, mission, values, and goals are aligned. UAGM-Gurabo mission and vision were approved in 2003 as a result of a period of introspection and self-evaluation.