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Mission and Vision

Mission And Vision

UAGM - Gurabo Mission
The mission of Universidad Ana G. Méndez, Recinto de Gurabo (formerly Universidad del Turabo) is to be an institution of higher education with broad academic offerings of the highest standards of quality. Committed to excellence in teaching, research, innovation, internationalization, and social-humanistic values for a diverse academic population, Universidad Ana G. Méndez, Recinto de Gurabo (UAGM-Gurabo) forms global citizens with critical thinking skills which contribute to the development and well-being of Puerto Rico and other countries.

UAGM - Gurabo Vision
The vision of Universidad Ana G. Méndez, Recinto de Gurabo is to be the leading educational institution in teaching and research, which promotes innovation, entrepreneurship, internationalization, and sensibility towards cultural diversity and the environment.

UAGM - Gurabo Values
Universidad Ana G. Méndez, Recinto de Gurabo is committed to:

  • freedom of thought and expression
  • excellence in teaching and the pursuit, generation, dissemination and application of knowledge
  • respect the dignity of the individual
  • respect nature and the environment
  • promote ethical, social and cultural values
  • recognize and respect diversity
  • promote institutional excellence in planning, operations and service
  • promote human and esthetic sensibility

UAGM - Gurabo Institutional Goals

To accomplish its mission, the institution recruits and develops qualified human resources who excel in academic affairs, community involvement, cultural development, international collaboration, and sports. 
Academic community members become aware of the UAGM-Gurabo mission and vision from the moment they enter the UAGM-Gurabo buildings.  There are informational posters on bulletin boards, as well as in different locations throughout the Institution that display the mission and vision. The UAGM-Gurabo Catalog is available at https://gurabo.uagm.edu/academia. This website also lists the vision, mission, objectives and outcomes of each school, program, and institutional research initiative.  The catalog is updated annually. 
To support the SUAGM Vision and Missions statements, an assessment plan was designed to ensure that continuous evaluation and improvement in all activities and processes occur.  Within this assessment plan, specific attention is given to institutional quality and effectiveness.