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Assessment Model

The purpose of the Institutional Effectiveness and Student Learning Assessment Plan is to delineate the process of assessment for overall institutional effectiveness. Additionally, it aims to promote the integration of planning and assessment at the institutional level in each activity and academic area.  The plan outlines efforts at the institutional level and provides guidelines for operational units of the institution to develop assessment plans as part of their respective work plans.

The Institutional Effectiveness and Student Learning Assessment Plan also drives a continuous improvement process that focuses on the critical areas of the university performance (Figure 2). This is a comprehensive process focusing on seven activity areas: (1) UAGM Gurabo Campus Schools/ Programs, (2) Student Services, (3) Additional Locations / Branches Campuses, (4) Research and External Sponsors, (5) Information Resources, (6) Internationalization, and (7) Support Services. These areas are tied to all of the standards of accreditation identified by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Continuous Improvement Process


This Plan is a working tool for UAGM Gurabo Campus schools, student services, and administrative offices. The document indicates how to conduct assessment in a practical, cost effective and efficient manner.  For practical reasons, this document is divided in two parts: Assessment of Student Learning, and the Assessment of Institutional Effectiveness.  UAGM Gurabo Campus also recognizes that assessment, planning, and fiscal matters are interrelated.  Thus, assessment results yield recommendations and the implementation of improvement efforts, and is a starting point for institutional, school, and unit planning and budgeting.